The Music Mom: Eileen Carey

Hey, music moms: The Debbie Downers are wrong. You need to continue pursuing your music – and here are 3 reasons why.

I have heard from so many music moms who can’t justify pursuing their music once they have kids. Most of the negativity surrounding these mothers’ musical aspirations comes from the Debbie Downers and naysayers of society who hold women to unfair and unrealistic expectations. Here are 3 reasons why you music moms should continue pursuing your music – despite what the cynics say.

Paging Picasso: 4 ways to unleash your child’s creativity – especially the unique stuff!

Kids seem to have a natural instinct for being creative. Eventually, though, obstacles like fear, time restraints, and passive entertainment can get in the way. If you want to overcome these stumbling blocks, check out these 4 ways to help unlock your kid’s creativity – including the wild and crazy stuff!  

Why fear is the #1 killer of creativity – and 5 ways to rise above it

Follow these 5 ways to overcoming fear and get ready for the fun, excitement, and sense of accomplishment that come from discovering and nurturing your creative self. It’s time for the daring and innovative creative you to win, and fear to lose. 

The bliss & the blues: 8 great songs about the ups and downs of parenthood

Sometimes the struggle to accurately express the joy, sadness, and uncertainty of parenthood feels insurmountable. Luckily, music moms and dads from the past have given us a massive catalogue of songs that perfectly capture the bliss and the blues of parenthood.

Let it go: 4 ways to unleash the creative queen you really are

Here are 4 steps I’ve taken to enhance and unleash the creative queen inside me, even when all the world says moms like us should place our creative endeavors on the back burner of our priorities.