The Music Mom: Eileen Carey

From Sandcastles to Strawberries, Here’s a Guide to the Best Summer Ever

Ah, summer. The season of sunny days, outdoor adventures, and plenty of quality time with our favorite folks. As a mom who loves all three of those things, I’ve been itching to share some tips that’ll help you make the most of this most wonderful time of year.

Want Less Stress? Here’s How to Make It Happen

As a busy musician and mom, I completely understand the stress and pressure that comes with juggling a career and parenting responsibilities. That’s why I’ve been wanting to share some tips and tricks that have helped me find balance and reduce stress in my own life. I hope you’ll give them a try.

Craving Creativity? Here Are 5 Steps to Make It Happen

Between work, school runs, and everything else, finding time for creativity can sometimes feel impossible. I know how important it is to make time for the things that make us happy, so I’ve come up with a few simple steps that will help you carve out some much-needed creative time in your busy schedule.

Favorite Folks First: 7 Simple Ways to Make More Time for Your Family

Did you know that we can find more quality time with our families simply by increasing our creativity and efficiency? Here are 7 tried and true ways to make more time for your family.

Bye-Bye (Winter) Blues: 8 Tips for Beating These Cold and Gray Days

Dark mornings, darker evenings, and frozen days of gray: it’s no wonder many of us end up with a bad case of the winter blues. The good news? There are specific things you can do to actually thrive in the weeks (and possibly months!) before spring arrives.

Grateful Grooves: 20 Songs That’ll Inspire Your Thanksgiving Thankfulness

As we get ready to gather around the table and reflect on all that we’re grateful for, I thought I’d encourage the gratitude by sharing some of my favorite songs about love, family, friendship, and the many things in life we should appreciate. Happy Thanksgiving!

Deserved Zoo Ballyhoo: Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time to Visit the Zoo

Looking for a fall activity that is fun and educational? Here’s why I think an autumn outing to the zoo is the perfect day trip.

Oh, what a night: How a late night epiphany completely changed my life

I’m extremely grateful for everything I have as a music mom. And the really cool part of it all is that I can pinpoint the exact moment when it became a living, breathing concept.

Fab and fit formulas: 3 simple equations that’ll ensure your family’s health and happiness

If you’ve yet to get going on that healthier lifestyle you swore you’d start for you and your family this year, worry not: improving your physical and mental health does NOT require completely changing your lifestyle. In fact, you and your loved ones can bring about improved health and increased happiness simply by embracing three simple formulas.

Recognizing these 3 similarities between motherhood and musicianship will make you a rockstar at both

Your motherhood and your musicianship are similar in that they both require a crazy amount of creativity, an ability to focus on the big picture, and the shedding of blood, sweat, and tears. Recognizing this common ground between the two roles is the first step in becoming the best music mom you can be.

Hey, music moms: The Debbie Downers are wrong. You need to continue pursuing your music – and here are 3 reasons why.

I have heard from so many music moms who can’t justify pursuing their music once they have kids. Most of the negativity surrounding these mothers’ musical aspirations comes from the Debbie Downers and naysayers of society who hold women to unfair and unrealistic expectations. Here are 3 reasons why you music moms should continue pursuing your music – despite what the cynics say.

Motherin’ comfort: 6 country songs to play for Momma this Mother’s Day

There are so many ways to say “Happy Mother’s Day,” but if you’re a music mom, you know the best way is in a song. Check out these 6 country gems that will remind you and your mom just how much y’all are loved, needed, and appreciated.