The Music Mom: Eileen Carey

What are you listening to?

The diversity of music that can often be found on a person’s iPod (or mp3 player of whatever flavor) is endlessly fascinating to me. Some of my band members never fail to surprise me with their new discoveries, which are usually WAY different than the music we write and record. I guess that ‘s the beauty of music, you never know who it will reach.

I’m often asked about what I’m listening to, so here are some of the recent additions to my iPod; no real surprises this week, but you never know when I’ll pull out something unexpected…

Keith Urban: Kiss A Girl, Sweet Thing, Standing Right in Front of You (all from the new Defying Gravity CD). The entire disc is really terrific; highly recommended!

Darius  Rucker: Don’t Think I Don’t Think About It, Forever Road. Darius’s voice is like an old friend. I saw Hootie & the Blowfish play early in their career and it’s been fun to watch his country transition.

Sheryl Crow: Love Is All There Is, Love Is Free. Love her — enough said!


I’d love to know what YOU’RE  listening to these days. Shoot me your playlist and I’ll post it here for some discussion!

Have a good one!