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Favorite Folks First: 7 Simple Ways to Make More Time for Your Family

Did you know that we can find more quality time with our families simply by increasing our creativity and efficiency? Here are 7 tried and true ways to make more time for your family.

Bye-Bye (Winter) Blues: 8 Tips for Beating These Cold and Gray Days

Dark mornings, darker evenings, and frozen days of gray: it’s no wonder many of us end up with a bad case of the winter blues. The good news? There are specific things you can do to actually thrive in the weeks (and possibly months!) before spring arrives.

7 Resolutions That’ll Make This Your Best Year Yet

if your life has been more of a mess than a miracle lately, check out these simple strategies that’ll help make 2023 your healthiest, happiest, and most creative year yet.

Grateful Grooves: 20 Songs That’ll Inspire Your Thanksgiving Thankfulness

As we get ready to gather around the table and reflect on all that we’re grateful for, I thought I’d encourage the gratitude by sharing some of my favorite songs about love, family, friendship, and the many things in life we should appreciate. Happy Thanksgiving!

Deserved Zoo Ballyhoo: Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time to Visit the Zoo

Looking for a fall activity that is fun and educational? Here’s why I think an autumn outing to the zoo is the perfect day trip.

6 Ways to Kick Off the Best School Year Ever

Somehow school is once again upon us. I hope these tried and true suggestions help you kick off your family’s best school year ever.

Lessons for the Young: 15 Things I Wish I Knew Way Back When

There are so many things I wish I had learned when I was young enough to actually appreciate and apply them. Here are some of the most important lessons I think are worth sharing with the younger folks in your life.

Tired of Begging, Bribing, and Bigmouthing? Try These 6 Tips for Getting Your Kids to Listen

Tired of yelling to get your kids to listen? Good. It doesn’t work. and you really can do so much better. Here are 6 tried and true strategies you should use if you want to yell less and be listened to more.

Ready for the World: 5 Simple Ways to Make Your Child More Confident

As parents, we spend countless hours trying to make sure that our kids think, say, and do the right thing. How often, though, do we take time to ensure that they have the self-confidence necessary to actually follow… Read More

A Private Matter: Why You Should Avoid Public Parenting

“Praise your children openly, reprehend them secretly.” – W. Cecil Among the many controversial elements of social media is one I call public parenting. Public parenting is when we as parents litter our social media with updates on how… Read More

Spend Time with Your Kids Now, Be in Their Memories Later

We can all agree that our kids deserve to carry with them such golden memories, so go ahead and spend as much time as you can with them now.

We Believe, They Achieve: The Power of Believing in Our Children

When we prove to our kids that we believe in them, we give them most of what they need to get through many of the obstacles they will face later in life.