Deserved Zoo Ballyhoo: Why Autumn Is the Perfect Time to Visit the Zoo

Hey, Mom: Looking for a fall activity that is fun and educational? Most zoos are open nearly every day of the year, but I’m convinced that autumn is the absolute perfect time to visit our fantastically furry friends. Keep reading to discover why.

The scenery and fall colors are as amazing as they’re going to be all year. Wooded paths, colorful hillsides, and plenty of fall flowers lead to stunning backdrops for photos throughout the zoo. Get a nice brisk walk in while exploring all the amazing colors.

Animals are way more active during the fall. The zoo’s animals really respond to the seasonal changes currently happening. When it’s no longer 90 degrees all day, most of the zoo’s animals become more active. Some of them even thrive in the colder weather. Talking to you, penguins.

Temperatures are cooler, so you won’t sweat. You know how uncomfortable it can get during a July visit to the zoo. By going this time of year, things should be significantly cooler and more pleasant. Less sweat is always a good thing, right?

On the other hand, it’s always 80 degrees in a rainforest. If, however, you’re already of the cold where you live, the zoo offers you the chance to spend a few hours in a tropical setting. The rain forest is always a balmy 80 degrees, which can feel like air conditioning during a hot July afternoon or nice and toasty during a chilly fall (or freezing winter) day. Sounds lovely, eh?

You can do a ton of early (and easy) holiday shopping. The zoo’s gift shop offers plenty of fun gifts for everyone on your list. And if you’re a member, you’ll often receive some type of discount on regular-priced items. I’m all for anything that makes holiday shopping easier – and when the theme is animals, I’m all in.

You pretty much get your own zoo. Have a day off during an autumn week? You’ll feel like you have the entire zoo to yourself. Many families visit the zoo during summer break, so it’s often crowded then. Take advantage of the small crowds by spending time at the zoo during its “off-season.” You and your kids won’t be disappointed.

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