6 Ways to Kick Off the Best School Year Ever

Somehow, some way, school is once again upon us. Thankfully, I’ve been thinking a lot about what all you moms need right about now: reliable survival tips for the new school year. I hope these tried and true suggestions help you kick off your family’s best school year ever.

1. Get to know your kid’s teacher.

We suggest sending an email if you have a question or concern, or simply if you want to introduce yourself. Ask them what you can do to support classroom learning at home, and find out if you can help the teacher by volunteering in some form within the classroom.

2. Become familiar with your kid’s friends.

Even if it’s for just a couple of hours, organize a weekend get-together with your kid’s buddies. Don’t let them sneak away downstairs or up into your kid’s room. Make them a snack, play a game together, and get to know these friends. Your goal should be to observe how everyone interacts with each other.

3. Eat at least two dinners together each week.

With band lessons, soccer practices, and your insane work schedule, this can be quite difficult. But chowing down as a family is a tried and true way to grow healthier kids, happier families, and stronger family bonds. This is an excellent opportunity to chat about what everyone did during the day. It’s also a chance to enjoy each other’s company before your smaller kids move onto their own families.

4. Create a structured time and place for homework.

For some kids, it’s best for them to work on homework immediately after walking in the door. For others, homework is best when done after dinner. It doesn’t matter when your kids do it – just decide on a time and stick with it. Everyone does better when they have routines, so establish one for homework as soon as possible.

5. Make yourself known at school.

As soon as you can, introduce yourself to your kid’s school administrators. Greet the secretaries and be extra nice to them, as they have a tough job. Don’t expect these busy people to remember your name right away, but use their names when addressing them. If you can, join the PTA. If you can’t, worry not: there are many other ways you can help.

6. Get your kids involved in at least one extracurricular activity.

Even if it’s one thing that gives your kids the chance to interact with other kids and burn off some steam, participating in an extracurricular activity is always worth it. Whether it’s a club, a community sport, or a youth group, participating in something extra will help your kids thrive. After all, all kids need something to call their own.

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