Out of the Rut: These 4 Tips Will End Your Writer’s Block and Unleash All That Musical Creativity

I have found that in order for musicians to maintain an acceptable level of productivity, it is essential that they keep their creativity flowing. The problem is that, as with other artistic fields, it’s oh so easy to suddenly find yourself in a musical rut in which the creative well has run completely dry.

If you find yourself in this most unfortunate situation, fear not: There is hope. And it all stems from these four tips that’ll have you writing, singing, and playing in no time.

Detach by stepping away for a bit.

There will be times when you feel incredibly frustrated, but you stay locked in and intent on still working. Forcing yourself through a songwriting session without taking a legit break can become counter-productive. Breaks are 100% necessary to recharge your creative juices. So whether it’s twenty minutes, a day, or a week, take some time away from the creative process to clear your head and forget about music. Take a breather and then jump back on the horse when you feel ready to work productively.

Actively seek inspiration wherever you can find it.

If you’re feeling stuck with your current project, look for inspiration in other works of art that you admire. Listen to a new album. Check out a previously unheard of playlist. Read a memoir by an artist who inspires you. It may feel like a waste of time, but trust me, this is time well spent. Sitting with your guitar in frustration or staring at an empty page in your lyric book while trying to squeeze out some creativity is a gigantic waste of time. In contrast, exposing yourself to interesting forms of creativity in any form is a great way to foster inspiration and enhance creativity.

Collaborate with someone you trust.

One of the greatest things about writing music is its collaborative nature. When your inspiration is stalling, bring other folks into the mix. Working with someone else can be an effective way to discover brand new ideas. By gaining insight into how other people work, you might rethink your methods enough that it leads to the breaking of the creative dam.

Record every single idea you come up with.

Whether it’s taking notes of ideas for lyrics or humming a tune into your phone recorder, it’s always a good idea to be armed and ready to document those moments when inspiration hits. By doing this, you’ll always have at least a starting point to get things rolling. Recording many of your ideas keeps you organized and helps you be more productive in your work. Once you’re in the habit of documenting your flashes of inspiration, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how often you’re struck with an idea for a lyric or melody as you go about your regular routine.

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