The Final Countdown: 10 Things to Do before Summer Ends


With the calendar now turning to August, I am reminded that there is less than half of our precious summer left. Like most things in life, I have little doubt that the next 4-6 weeks will fly by.

As a result, I thought I should jot down a list of 10 things you should definitely do before summer ends. I hope it helps you get the most out of everyone’s favorite season. Enjoy!

1. Watch a movie at the drive-in. Expect the lovely twangs of nostalgia to hit you as you enjoy the type of outdoor cinema you loved as a child.

2. Attend a music festival. Live music + warm weather = one of the joys of summer. Nowadays there are literally thousands of festivals featuring all genres of music, and they’re happening all over the place. Hunt one down and go for it.

3. Invite your loved ones over for a BBQ. Food, friends, and family. I don’t really need to add much to that, right? Summer is the perfect time to meet and eat, so plan an outdoor BBQ today.

4. Go hiking on your own. Nature and some quality alone time are always a good combo. You will experience the ultimate source of relaxation as you enjoy the great outdoors with the one person you usually don’t get to spend time with: you.

5. Sip wine somewhere outside as the sun goes down. If you liked the previous suggestion for its ability to help you wind down, you’ll love this one. Nothing says summer relaxation like slowly sipping a tall glass of your favorite red or white wine as the sun starts its descent.

6. Roast s’mores over a fire – preferably with kids. This simple – and delicious – summer favorite can be enjoyed right in your own backyard.

7. Go swimming at your favorite beach. What would summer be without a dip at your preferred beach? By now, the water has probably reached the perfect temperature for you to dive right in, so go for it.

8. Go for a long walk. You might want to aim for early morning or evening to do this, as things can get a bit hot during August and the early part of September. But taking a long walk during the summer can be excellent for your mind and your body.

9. Take your family camping. If you’re like me, you love making memories that last a lifetime. Camping is one surefire way to do that. Whether it’s in the woods or on the beach, your kids will never forget the summer you took them camping.

10. Take a short road trip. Summer is the perfect time to gas up your car and hit the road. Keep in mind how the winter weather can make you feel trapped, and then take full advantage of the sunny skies and superb road conditions. Sometime you don’t have to go far to feel like you’re getting away. Safe travels!

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