Live and So Alive: Why I Love Performing Live

Eileen Carey

This Friday I’ll be performing at the Orange County Fair in Sacramento, CA. As I prepare for the show, I am reminded of why I love performing live so much. Aside from the addicting adrenaline rush that every performer feels as they take the stage, there are several reasons why one of my favorite things to do as a musician is to perform my songs in a live setting.

I am fortunate enough to have fans who know my songs. I never take this for granted, as I am fully aware that not every musician can say the same. I’ve been blessed to see so many familiar faces at different shows. I have come to know many of these music lovers, and I am genuinely overwhelmed by their support.

I cannot describe the appreciation I feel for those who join me in singing my songs. These songs of mine were never intended to be kept to myself, so part of the pleasure of playing live is having the opportunity to sing them with those who know them. There is a sense of camaraderie that grows from singing songs with audiences. When the songs are yours, the entire process is even more satisfying.

Of course, as I belt out my songs tomorrow, there will be audience members who have yet to hear my tunes. Their presence is also a blessing. I love the feeling of meeting new people and trying to turn them into future fans. Some will become friends, too, which is even better.

I recognize that in today’s digital age, there are now more musical options than ever before. As a result, I do consider it a worthwhile challenge to win over those who are seeing and hearing me for the first time. The challenge is to connect with new audiences, to make them feel what I’m feeling as I sing and perform these little pieces of my heart and soul.

One of the best parts of being a musician is having the opportunity to perform my songs in front of both familiar and unfamiliar faces. The live show is the lifeblood of most performers. On a night like this, as I prepare for tomorrow’s big show, I am lucky to feel this alive.


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