Filling the Cup of Silence: A Comparison of Music and Wine


“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” ― Robert Fripp

Silence definitely has its place in our hectic everyday lives. Sometimes, though, much like an empty cup filled with our favorite wine, nothing fills that vacant space in our lives better than the right musical notes. Below are just a few of the ways in which wine and music are perfect partners for those of us who consider ourselves aficionados of both.

Much like wine, music can relax you. It can provide a soothing comfort that is the perfect way to end a crazy day. That warm, relaxed feeling that comes from your favorite glass of red or white wine can also be found within several genres of music, including jazz, folk, and classical.

Music, like wine, can be sweet, and it can be bitter. The distinct flavors associated with wine can also be found in music. Sometimes during the happier moments in life, the more saccharine songs are what we want to hear. In contrast, during the more somber times, it feels perfectly right to dive into bitter tunes that are filled with sadness and melancholy.

As nutritionists are now discovering, there are many health benefits to drinking a glass of wine each day. Likewise, we can enjoy several mental, emotional, and even spiritual benefits by pouring ourselves a glass of our favorite music. Music provides healing. It offers a new sense of appreciation for those people and places we have lost. Finally, music inspires us to do that which we deemed unlikely, if not impossible.

Regardless of your preferred flavor of music, I suggest you take some time each day to sip from the cup of your best-loved songs. Perhaps you should do so while also tasting from the glass of your favorite wine.

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