Spring Cleaning (Part 1)


A positive attitude really can make your Spring cleaning this easy.

The cold of winter has waned, and the Ides of March have passed. Spring has sprung, so it is officially time to enjoy all of the new season’s exciting activities. Finally, after several months of dealing with snow, wind, cold, and that disgusting brown stuff that forms when snow and the street meet, you are free.

Free to go ahead and open the windows, feel the breeze, and…commence cleaning? OK. I know that last one is not one of the highlights of this new season, but it is necessary. After a long and messy winter, it might be very necessary.

So how can we make the daunting job of cleaning our house a tolerable experience? Well, as with any task that we don’t naturally enjoy, it all starts with our attitude. A positive attitude can pretty much make any undesirable job more pleasant. Just ask Mike Rowe of the hit television show Dirty Jobs.

A positive approach to life’s dirty and potentially depressing tasks rarely happens by accident. In order to have a positive and productive attitude, you must choose to do so. A handful of simple steps can ensure that you begin your cleaning activities in the proper mental state:

Leave your house for a little while before you begin. If you’re preparing to clean your castle, it might help to take a break from the place before you begin. The last thing you want are feelings of resentment towards the very place in which you’ll be spending the rest of the day. Changing your environment can change your perspective. You’ll likely return to your house energized and ready to go.

Fuel yourself. Spring cleaning can be a physically exhausting experience. Feeling tired and hungry often leads to grumpiness and a lack of motivation. These are definitely not traits of an effective and efficient cleaner. Eating a protein-heavy peanut butter sandwich and drinking lots of water will give you the sustenance you need. Add in just the right amount of caffeine via coffee or tea, and you will be ready and raring to go.

Picture the end result. Forming in your head a clear picture of what your house will look like after you have finished cleaning is a great way to motivate yourself and begin the task with a positive attitude. Keep in mind how refreshing and pristine your house will look, feel, and even smell once you are done cleaning, as this is an effective way to inspire yourself. As with most goals in life (big and small), having a vision is a key element to achieving success.

Following these three steps will help you form a positive attitude before you begin your Spring cleaning. As a result, you will find the entire tidying up process much more enjoyable and productive. Happy cleaning!



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