Me-Time: How to Give Your Very Best You


Unlike the ever ticking clock, me-time really is your friend.

In my last post, I suggested taking an occasional brief break from everyday life to spend time with someone you probably tend to ignore: you. I also mentioned some very simple ways to make that happen:

“Time alone can be as short and simple as spending an hour in your favorite corner of your favorite bookstore, sipping coffee and reading a magazine or book. It can be taking a drive along a scenic road while you listen to the sounds of the radio or the voice inside your head. It can be sitting on a bench in a park. A brief respite from those around you can happen without spending lots of money or fully disconnecting from the life you know.”

In this post, I want to further persuade you to seek alone time by listing the ways in which me-time can benefit you and your kids. After all, the most important thing we do as parents is take care of our kids. To do that to the best of our abilities, we must properly take care of ourselves.

Me-time is important for the following reasons:

  1. Getting away from stressful situations (even for a little bit) leads to less anxiety. And everyone knows that an anxiety-free mom is much more likely to be a happy mom.
  2. You are pretty much guaranteed to take better care of your young ones when you have spent time taking care of yourself.
  3. You will rediscover the parts of your identity that you might have lost while being the super mom you’ve been. It is so important that we prevent ourselves from being a one-trick pony – even if that one trick is the most important thing in the word.
  4. You will discover a suddenly revived spirit pertaining to all things “mom.” You will have more energy, patience, and tolerance for your kids – and for everyone else in your life.
  5. Being wise with how you manage your time sets a great example for your kids. They also learn from an early age that mental health and taking care of one’s self is an important part of maintaining healthy relationships. The sooner your kids realize that your me-time is a positive thing, the more willing they will be to give it to you.

I hope I’ve convinced you that one of the most effective things you could do to be a better parent doesn’t actually involve your kids. By giving yourself the occasional healthy dose of me-time, you will ensure that you give everyone around you your very best you.



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