Do the Nostalgia


Modern media allows us to rediscover the music of our youth. I highly recommend you do so. 

I have recently been on quite the nostalgia kick. Thanks to YouTube, I have spent a ton of time hunting down the music of my youth. The emotions that these songs conjure up are some of the strongest feelings I’ve felt in a while. A warm sense of joy accompanies a gentle aching for what I remember as simpler times. In the end, listening to the tunes of my youth is a soothing experience that fosters a newfound appreciation for my younger days.

If you’ve never allowed yourself to fully dive into the music of your youth, I strongly suggest you give it a try. Put on some headphones, search for the songs that dominated radio when you were a kid, and feel the magic flow. You will discover a treasure trove of familiar faces and places that you might have thought were permanently deleted from your memory.

It is becoming increasingly easier to identify the many ways by which technology and the internet positively contribute to our lives. Nowadays, the majority of the music of our youth, everything that was on vinyl, 8-track, or cassette, is available for us to rediscover. That is something that adults did not have when we were children. Hence, I am all for taking advantage of it.

Go ahead. Dive in. Do the nostalgia.

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