Don’t Wait to Create!

That's the smile of a man who knows he doesn't have to wait to be creative. Neither do you.

That’s the smile of a man who knows he doesn’t have to wait to be creative. Neither do you.

As parents, a good chunk of our lives is spent waiting. Perhaps it’s watching with bewilderment (and a touch of angst) as your teen unsuccessfully tries to peel herself away from the bathroom mirror. Maybe it’s sitting outside in a parked car as your kids hunt down that ever elusive coat. Or maybe it’s watching with ever growing frustration as the hot meal you just cooked turns cold due to your little ones’ inability to make it to the table on time. That is, without doubt, my favorite. I am well aware that Tom Petty had other things on his mind when he claimed that “the waiting is the hardest part,” but I don’t care. That tune rings loud and clear each and every time I find myself waiting for someone to do something or be somewhere.

The best part about being a music mom is that my creativity does not have to wait for other people. My urge to write a lyric or a melody is not dependent on other people’s schedules. When the inspiration comes, I sing. When the mood hits, I jot down lyrics. My creativity is entirely mine. This complete ownership of my creativity is a godsend, as it often provides a much needed sense of control in a world that has, quite often, gone mad.

I strongly suggest that you give in to your natural urge to create. For me, it is songwriting. I make sure to always have a guitar, keyboard, or iPhone voice recorder nearby. Perhaps for you it is painting, or poetry, or digital design. Whatever it is you do to unleash your creative beast, allow yourself the opportunity to do it. When the inspiration comes, embrace it. Know that even with all the many things on your plate, you still have time to express yourself. The best part is realizing that you don’t have to wait for anyone else to do it.

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