Nette Radio/Indiegrrl 2009 Conference Kickoff Showcase


One Comment on “Nette Radio/Indiegrrl 2009 Conference Kickoff Showcase

  1. Nette Radio/Indiegrrl 2009 Conference Kickoff Showcase at The Talking Stick, 1411 C Lincoln Blvd., Venice, Friday, August 14 from 7-10 p.m. Free. Performing are The Conlons; Rachel Harryman; Kathleen blackwell; Eileen Carey; and Brooke Trout.

    Featuring a selection of artists performing in Nashville Aug 21-22 at the 2009 Indiegrrl Conference on the NetteRadio stage! Sponsored by Daisy Rock and Doug Deutsch Publicity Services.

    Additional Info:

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