May is Mom’s Month

I’m excited to be launching The Music Mom blog in (what’s left of…) the month of May. Mom’s month! 

It’s good to see that Mother’s Day is becoming more eventful than the perfunctory afternoon brunch. Here are some of the more interesting Mother’s Day promotions I came across this year.


Show us your ink. KFC wants to see your mommy ink!Well, for starters, KFC did something different for moms. Their special Mother’s Day promotion awarded a $10 gift card for free food to persons who sent in photos of their “mom tattoo.” No ink yet? No problem. They even provided a temporary tatoo cutout on their site so everyone could play.

Speed up your mom. Brain Fitness for MomsIf tattoos aren’t your thing, there was the special offer on Brain Fitness software from the folks at Posit Science. I love this quote from their site: “Give your mom a gift that can improve her memory, enhance her ability to focus, and speed up her thinking.”  Nice!!


Rockin' MomsMothers with loud guitars. But it’s the Rockin’ Moms in San Jose who got it right this year with their Mother’s Day Celebration concert at the Landmark Ballroom. The show featured Rockin’ Moms founder Tiffany Petrossi’s band and a half dozen other musical mothers doing their thing. They even had belly dancers. The event got  a ton of press and appears to have been a big hit, so rock on to the Rockin’ Moms!

If you haven’t checked out the  Rockin’ Moms site, by the way, definitely do that!  They’re even sponsoring a songwriting competition with $5,000 in cash and prizes, including a Daisy Rock electric guitar.


Whatever YOU did this Mother’s Day, I hope it was a good one and that you enjoy the rest of OUR month!


3 Comments on “May is Mom’s Month

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  2. I actually went to the San Jose Rockin’ Moms show and it was a hoot! Hope to see you play sometime soon!

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